It is amazing to observe the arrogance and self serving nature of our failed NY leader. The nation and the world are watching as he makes a fool of himself bowing to movie stars and the environmental zealots. This is a man the country does not want and NY should throw in the trash at the first opportunity. JLCpusle
- - Thursday, December 18, 2014

New York just gave Vladimir Putin and the Middle Eastern energy sheikhs an early Christmas present. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, after considerable dithering, finally did what everyone assumed he would. He banned fracking and gave up the bounty lying beneath his state. He sides with the radical environmentalists of the Democratic Party against the interests of his 19 million constituents, wasting an opportunity to fire up the rusty economic engine of high-tax, slow-growth New York. So much for the Empire State’s boastful claim that “New York is open for business.”

The issue of whether to allow fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, tormented Mr. Cuomo throughout his entire first term as governor. New York, like Pennsylvania and West Virginia, has the good providence of sitting atop the Marcellus Shale, which contains...