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Accepting the Endorsement of Joint Landowners Coalition of New York Long Calls on Gillibrand to Pledge to Preserve State Primacy in the Regulation of Shale Gas Development

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New York, New York - Accepting the endorsement of the 70,000 strong Joint Landowners Coalition, U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long called on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to pledge to preserve state primacy on the regulation of shale gas development.


"I am very proud to accept the endorsement of Joint Landowners Coalition and believe that we are building the momentum to finally get drilling approved in New York State. One way to remove remaining uncertainty is to eliminate the specter of looming federal overreach," said U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long.


Long added,  "New York has always been a leader, setting the standard nationally for environmental protection. Further, no state has done a more comprehensive review of the impacts of shale gas development than New York. I believe that if Senator Gillibrand truly supports Governor Cuomo's position on shale gas development, as she told the Syracuse Post Standard on Wednesday, then she would state unequivocally that she will honor state supremacy in the regulation of the development of shale gas."



0 # wescottr 2012-10-31 10:10
Are we really sure that we wish to support state supremacy? It seems to me that NY will have the most stringent and therefore costly regulations on drilling in the US. Therefore, drillers will choose other states for gas developement, all other factors being equal. Federal standards that are likely to be close to NY's should put NY on a more equal footing with other gas producing states.
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