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JLCNY Comments Issued to the DEC

Today, our legal advocate, Scott Kurkoski hand delivered the following comments to the DEC on our behalf. The primary authors of the report, Dan Fitzsimmons, Bob Williams, Dale Roe and Scott Kurkoski spent  many hours toiling over the regulations, reviewing the law, gathering input from many of you and evaluating industry standards and best practices. They synthesized their collection of information with what we know from our research and work over the years to be the best course to achieve smart natural gas development -- that's both good for the environment but also viable for the industry. Following delivery of our comments, Scott will testify at the New York State Assembly Hearings to represent our views on safe, responsible natural gas development.

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+6 # Michele Golin Friday, January 11th, 2013 @8:00AM
8) Im just feeling that there is this brick wall that no matter what is proven or not we are at the mercy of NYS who by the way is not run by the smartest group. It is not us that needs to be educated here it is them, and until they actually read any of these reports and stope interpreting them in the negative manners that they seem to be, we will never be able to move forward. The real deal here is they dont know how to tax this. There is the law, and then there is their greed. the fact of the matter is, as long as they hold this up, considering that NY and NYC both have been horribly hit with natural disasters in less then a years time, you would think that the idea of jobs being created and income from every possible angle to the state of NY would be a huge blessing. Look beyond your nose mr Governor, Jobs being generated, the people working these jobs both established and new comers to the state would be putting money in your states pocket, WIN WIN.
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