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Shah cites 'new data' for fracking delay

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Every time I read this and look at the face of a real Cuomo lacky taking the heat and making up phony excuses to justify a purely political decision, I grow very aggravated and insulted. Is it too much to ask them to all man up a bit and take responsibility for their indecision and manipulation for self interest. This is as phony as it gets folks. Shame on Shah.  JLCpulse

By Scott Waldman 5:59 p.m. Dec. 3, 2013 in Capital Pro

ALBANY —  Though state health commissioner Nirav Shah has been traveling the country studying fracking for a year, he's still not ready to say whether it's safe for New Yorkers.

“Hydrofracking is an evolving science and just in the last few weeks we have seen new data come out from Texas and Wyoming, so I don't want to reach any premature conclusions or recommendations, and will continue to work on the report until I am comfortable that we can provide an informed recommendation,” Shah told Capital at a public health forum in Manhattan this week.

The results of the study were slated for the spring, but have repeatedly been delayed.

Asked if he had any timeline for reaching a decision, Shah shook his head no.

A Norwegian energy company recently announced that it will sue the state for the long delay on a fracking decision, which has dragged on for five years. Oslo-based Norse Energy, which recently declared bankruptcy, wants to force the state health department to release the supplemental generic environmental impact statement on high-volume hydraulic fracturing that Cuomo has said will inform his decision.

--Additional reporting by Dan Goldberg


+11 # inmby 2013-12-06 03:40
Going on 6 years and it has been obvious from the start that the landowners of NY have only one right which is actually a responsibility, PAY THE HIGHEST TAXES IN THE COUNTRY AND WE WILL TELL YOU HOW TO USE THE LAND. Cuomo has never even been to a well site and his dithering politics is causing hardship for tens of thousands of people many who are not even landowners. I would love a half hour debate with this man on television to ask him questions. The whole country needs to know he is not a leader of men, a state and could never lead a country. If Cuomo were governor when Edison invented the light bulb we would still be reading by candle light as he studied the light bulb
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+9 # keith yates 2013-12-06 10:14
ditto the JLC Pulse comment above- "this is as phony as it gets". the guy is lying right to our faces.

how the hell does Cuomo think he's going to be POTUS when Democrats from Obama to Jerry Brown to Ed Rendell, and even the EPA etc... all favor responsibly developing domestic energy? what is it- 32 other shale states allowing drilling?

the next few weeks will be critical in terms of whether the new Norse threatened suit forces the DEC to stop sitting on the SGEIS and finally act. Cuomo's back door plan is the home rule bans, however. if they are not struck down we are still screwed. it may not be possible to get a fair trial in NY on these issues.
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+7 # Daniel 38 2013-12-09 11:19
What a joke, they have been using the” waiting on new information” for over five years, while in the same last five years fracking has been proven SAFE to everybody in the world but a few idiots who refuse the truth and of course our corrupt New York politicians who have taken their anti-stance based only on their own personal gain, and they do not care what lie they tell or how many peoples rights they violate.
Cuomo is as corrupt as they get, hundreds of thousands of NYer’s individual rights violated with huge unrecoverable monetary, educational, and community losses he should be tried as the criminal he is as no man has the right to violate NYer’s the way Cuomo did to his fellow man.
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+4 # Kenneth Miller 2013-12-11 12:42
My question is, WHY?
Why do these anti's push so hard to stop something that is a benefit to all of us?
What is their motivation? How do they stand to benefit? In other words, what are they getting out of stopping nat. gas development here, in NY?
Education is the key here!
We must figure out how to get the word out that this process in NOT harmful to the environment!
I recently did a craftshow with my wife and during conversations with other venders, discovered just how misinformed people in general really are!
Luckily, they were willing to listen!
Most were astonished by the fact that the fracking process is only short and temporary, and not done for the life of the well!
What else are they wrong about?????
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