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State confirms that no permits for natural gas drilling will be issued in 2014

IT is time to be angry and make it known. This is an outrage and cannot stand in a country where law governs. Politics cannot dictate our future!! JLCpulse


Joe Martens, State Environmental Conservation Commissioner, has told legislators on Wednesday that there are no plans to issue drilling permits for natural gas in New York to any companies.

ALBANY — If the state allows the controversial natural gas drilling process known as hydrofracking, it won’t happen for at least a year.

State Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens told legislators Wednesday that he has “absolutely no” plans to issue permits to drilling companies in 2014, clearing the way for Gov. Cuomo to run for reelection without having to deal with the controversial issue.


Cuomo has said a final decision on whether New York allows fracking will not be made until Health Commissioner Nirav Shah completes a study on the health impacts of gas drilling.

Shah, who has been working on the study for more than a year, has declined to say when it might be completed. Glenn Blain



+7 # keith yates Thursday, January 30th, 2014 @5:01PM
March 7. the day of the already delayed new Norse suit where the court should, by law, rule against cuomo, martens, and shah for their flagrant and illegal dereliction of duty. that's the day we find out if the entire system in NY is rigged against us. stay tuned.
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0 # lchantry Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 @9:23AM
March 7th? Ohhh, the day the state will again seek to get the lawsuit delayed while they hide behind Comm. Shah. The arrogance of the man is undeniable. Must be why they put this in his hands.
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