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Pro-fracking 07 January 2013
Industry and opposition respond to fracking review delay 07 January 2013
Sullivan landowners stand by mineral rights 07 January 2013
Guest Viewpoint: Foundation doesn't care if drilling saves family farms 07 January 2013
Park Foundation Takes Body Slam of an Op-ed over Opposition to Natural Gas Drilling 07 January 2013
Landowners' group blasts Cuomo over drilling delay 07 January 2013
Missed Fracking Deadline Will Be ‘A Breach of Faith,’ Landowners Say 07 January 2013
Shift by Cuomo on Gas Drilling Prompts Both Anger and Praise 07 January 2013
NY Landowners See Regulatory End in Sight 07 January 2013
Fighting For Fracking 07 January 2013
'Landmen,' landowners face off 07 January 2013
A Plan to Regulate Gas Drilling 07 January 2013
More Time Requested for Fracking Regs 07 January 2013
Under Cuomo plan, where can you drill for gas? 07 January 2013
Joint Landowners Counsel Discusses Fracking and the Economy 07 January 2013
New York landowners weigh in on gas-drilling regulations 07 January 2013
Idea of limited NY fracking divides energy camps 07 January 2013
Landowners knock Cuomo for hydrofracking delay 07 January 2013
Pro-drilling landowners assert their rights in Albany 07 January 2013
Senator Libous, Joint Landowners Coalition of New York to make “Major Announcement” 07 January 2013
Joint Landowners Coalition to host public community forum 07 January 2013
N.Y. landowners assert right to frack for gas 18 December 2012
Divergent messages converge 18 December 2012
Landowners, gas drillers angry over hydrofracking health review 18 December 2012
90-Day Extension on Fracking Regulations 18 December 2012
Broome towns facing opposition to fracking resolutions 18 December 2012
Leaseholders and industry launch new pro-fracking ad campaign, as filing deadline is set to expire 18 December 2012
Landowners React to DRBC Lawsuit 18 December 2012
Group wants voice heard 18 December 2012
The Fight Against Fracking 18 December 2012
First natural gas jobs expo held in Binghamton 18 December 2012
NY gas expo draws a crowd 18 December 2012
Joint Landowners of New York announce endorsements 18 December 2012
JLCNY Unveils Declaration of Landowner Rights 18 December 2012
Pro-frackers: Development is a landowner’s right 18 December 2012
JLCNY: More Good News 14 December 2012
JLCNY Welcomes Independent Health Study Rejection 14 December 2012
DRBC Hearing in Deposit, NY Today – JLCNY Encourages Gas Drilling Supporters to Attend 14 December 2012
Keeping the Kids Here with Natural Gas Jobs: JLCNY Hits a Home Run 14 December 2012
JLCNY Announces Appeals of Two Flawed Court Decisions on Natural Gas Bans 14 December 2012
JLCNY Endorsements for NY Elections – Solid Republican 14 December 2012
JLCNY Endorsements 14 December 2012

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