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  • Need to expedite the implementation of the New York State Energy Plan
  • New York spends approximately $65 billion annually on energy, of which 53 percent or close to $35 billion leaves the State to pay for energy imports.
  • Reliance on outside sources of energy helps Exporting Nations at the expense of New York.
  • By supporting in-state energy resource development, New York will reduce the outflow of dollars to pay for energy imports.
  • This will help to stimulate the economy and create local jobs.
  • New York is the fourth largest natural gas consuming state in the nation.
  • New York uses 1,200 billion cubic feet of natural gas per year, accounting for about five percent of U.S. demand.
  • New York meets less than 5 percent of its gas demand with in-state production.
  • In-state natural gas production from about 6,700 active natural gas wells supplied 50.3 billion cubic feet in 2008. None are in Marcellus Shale.
  • The majority of the gas to meet the States demand is produced in Canada.
  • In 2008 NYS imported $7.48 Billion of Natural Gas from Canada.
  • More Pipelines are needed to get natural gas to NYC
  • Most large Landowners in New York are Farmers
  • Economic Benefit natural gas development will flow thru Farmers
  • Many farmers are operating in the Red and we need Farm Production
  • Improves our Security as a State and Nation
  • US has 2,074 trillion cubic feet of Domestic Natural Gas Reserves
  • 60-90% less Smog-producing Pollutants
  • 30-40% less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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