Today is Wednesday, August 20, 2014   12:31pm EST

Map of Town Resolutions Passed to Support NYDEC Efforts and Findings

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The file linked to here provides an map of towns that have passed a resolution stating, in essence, that the DEC has the authroity and expertise to develop Natural Gas development rules and regulations and that the town will await the DEC's results. Please feel free to study it, print it, and share it with other supporters. More importantly please tell your town board members about it and submit copies to them at town board meetings along with our summary of the resolution's importance. Let them know that any attempts to initiate bans or moratoriums are likely to be expensive and questionable efforts and that following the DEC's lead is best.


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Download this file (JLCNY NYS Map 8.7.12.pdf)JLCNY NYS Map 8.7.12.pdf 196 kB
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