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Advertise with Us and Help Support Our Mission!

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Advertising is a key contributor helping to fund our mission of supporting our members. We appreciate all of our advertisers and donations.

Interested in advertising on our site? We have 3 main areas of advertising. We have the Top Center Banner that rotate, the banners on the right, and the all inclusive non rotating Sky Scraper Banner. Once you decide where you would like to see your banner Please download the agreement below for the area of interest. All pricing and other information is listed in the agreement. We work with NetTechs to design banners for clients that do not have that ability. If you have any technical questions, or would like your banner designed, please use the contact information below. Our advertisers have access to a whole advertisers panel that gives them stats and the ability to create or edit ads on the fly. Our system can be set to automatically send you reports on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis!


For Billing and Invoice questions, please contact Dan Fitzsimmons at

Technical Questions? Please email

Country: United States