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Well said Mr.Lynch. JLCpulse

Contributor :Michael Lynch, I analyze petroleum economics and energy policy. Found in Forbes, Energy


The latest study on shale gas emissions has caused a bit of a stir, noting that the wells do not appear to be emitting significant amounts of methane, which is an important finding.  There are however a number of other relevant points that have emerged.

First, the researchers did find significant leakage, but at other points than the wells, most notably in the gas-water separation process.  This highlights the fact that methane leakage is important and needs to be addressed, but independently of the question of hydraulic fracturing.  The natural gas supply chain is long and some parts of it, such as urban distribution systems, are thought to be possible sources of significant leakage.  In all likelihood, the Power Law applies, wherein most leakage comes from a small portion of sources.

Next , many correctly have pointed out that the study is somewhat limited, as the authors admit, covering only a small...


Sept. 16, 2013 in a University of Texas at Austin online Publication

Completion emissions are lower than previously estimated; Data show emissions from pneumatic controllers and equipment leaks are higher than EPA national emission projections; Estimates of total emissions are similar to the most recent EPA national inventory of methane emissions from natural gas production.

AUSTIN, Texas — A new study from The University of Texas at Austin reports on extensive measurements of methane emissions — including the first measurements for methane emissions taken directly at the well pad — during completion operations for hydraulically fractured wells. A team of researchers from UT Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering and environmental testing firms URS and Aerodyne Research completed measurements at 190 natural gas production sites across the United States. The study was published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The study, a unique partnership between the Environmental Defense Fund, participating companies, an independent Scientific Advisory Panel and the study team:

  • Is based on measurements made directly at 190 production sites throughout the United States, with access provided by nine participating energy companies.
  • Found that the majority of hydraulically fractured well completions, which were sampled during the study, had equipment in place that reduces methane emissions by 99 percent. Because of this equipment, methane emissions from well completions are 97 percent lower...


Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters,

Please read the file attached below to learn about a great educational event at Broome County Cornell Cooperative Extension in Binghamton NY.

Please enjoy this information and be sure to share it with any other supporters you know! And, please share it with any non-supporters (yeah, it seems there are still a few diehards refusing to recognize that natural gas is good and safe like everyone else has) you may know of so they can learn the objective, unbiased facts as well.

It should be fun and informative for all.

Warm Regards,
Dan Fitzsimmons, President
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.
FileFile size
Download this file (Marcellus_Shale_Flyer.pdf)Marcellus_Shale_Flyer.pdf40 Kb

Even in the backwater that is New York State, this is good news for the country, our environment and the balance of Trade.JLCpulse

From Bloomberg News on Wednesday: By Brian Wingfield & Jim Polson in

Dominion Resources Inc. won U.S. Energy Department approval to export liquefied natural gas from an existing import terminal in Maryland, the fourth such project authorized by the agency amid a natural-gas glut.

The project to modify the terminal, which may cost as much as $3.8 billion, was approved pending environmental reviews, according to a statement today. Richmond, Virginia-based Dominion closed at $58.62, up less than 1 percent in trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Dominion still requires approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to start construction at the facility at Cove Point, on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Dan Donovan, a spokesman for the company, said today in an interview.

“We have financing and we’re fully subscribed by customers for capacity,” Donovan said. Final regulatory approval could come in the first quarter next year, he said.

Advances in natural-gas drilling techniques, including hydraulic fracturing, have led to increased U.S. production, prompting companies to seek export authority to markets including Japan and India. The Energy Department must approve before natural gas can be exported to nations that lack a free-trade agreement...


12 September 2013, 4:41 pm by in Politics on the Hudson

The state Department of Environmental Conservation came out firing against a report on its inspection efforts from an Albany-based advocacy group Thursday, saying it “distorts key facts, omits others and outright ignores” Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s environmental record.

In a statement issued Thursday afternoon, the DEC said the Environmental Advocates of New York study—which found DEC inspections of polluting sites declined 35 percent from 2009 to 2012—includes inaccurate information.

“This report distorts key facts, omits others, and outright ignores this administration’s strong environmental record,” DEC spokesman Peter Constantakes said in the statement. “It’s disappointing that even after DEC officials provided Environmental Advocates with correct data, they proceeded to publish inaccurate information.”

The advocacy group, however, is standing by the report and says the DEC hasn’t actually pointed out any inaccuracies.

Specifically, the DEC claims it “inspected every one of the 30 permitted hazardous waste facilities in (New York State in 2012, contrary to (Environmental Advocates’) assertions,” and inspected 839 facilities that generate hazardous waste despite not being required by the EPA.

But the advocacy group’s report groups together the 30 storage facilities with the generating sites and came...


David Blackmon, Contributor 9/10/13 in Forbes

A colleague asked me the other day why I refer to Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox as a “modern day carnival barker”.  I quickly realized the reason for the question:  This fellow is only about 30 and doesn’t know what a carnival barker is, or better put, used to be.  I sometimes forget how old I’ve gotten to be, so I suppose an explanation is in order.

Those of us of advanced enough years remember back in the days when the traveling carnival would periodically come to town.  In the little town where I grew up, they’d set up their tents and rides on the old rodeo grounds on the West side of town, with a midway bisecting the affair.  In the midway there would always be a guy with a booming voice shouting things like “Step right up, folks!  Come see the Bearded Lady!  Come marvel at the Wildman of Borneo!” and so on, and so forth.

So you’d pay your quarter to get into the House of Oddities – more rudely known as the freak show – and it would quickly become obvious that the “Bearded Lady” was actually some big, burly guy wearing eye liner and a cheap dress, and the “Wild Man of Borneo” was actually some guy they’d paid ten bucks to put on a grass skirt, wave a club around and shriek unintelligible gibberish.  In other words, upon closer inspection it became clear that the images you were seeing were...


Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters,

Please read the attached file to learn about a great community event in Windsor NY that coincides with the village's annual art festival this weekend.

Please enjoy this information and be sure to share it with any other supporters you know! It should be fun for all.

Warm Regards,
Dan Fitzsimmons, President
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.


FileFile size
Download this file (APIWomenoftheShaleCC-2-1.pdf)APIWomenoftheShaleCC-2-1.pdf742 Kb
Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters,

We're constantly looking out for new studies and articles that point out the benefits of Natural Gas to help us promote our efforts (as well as unbiased substantive articles and studies that point out credible shortcomings that we need to find ways to mitigate). We recently came across the study and its summary linked to below that we think you'll find particularly informative and useful.

Please enjoy this information and be sure to share it with any other supporters you know! In fact, share it with any non-supporters as well so they can learn the truth about the benefits of Natural Gas.

Warm Regards,
Dan Fitzsimmons, President
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.

By Matthew Philips  September 03, 2013 13:19 PM EDT in Bloomberg Busness Week

Almost entirely on the back of stronger exports, last week the U.S. Commerce Department revised upward its economic growth estimate for the second quarter, from 1.7 to 2.5 percent. Exports from April to June grew at their fastest pace in two years, pushing down the U.S. trade deficit to 2.7 percent of gross domestic product. That’s less than half what it was at its peak of around 6 percent of GDP in late 2005.

Most of the boost in exports came from tangible stuff sold abroad: goods, rather than services. The biggest among them were petroleum products refined from all the crude oil the U.S. is producing—unlocked by fracking. Through June, the U.S. has exported an average of 99 million barrels of petroleum each month over the past year. That’s roughly quadruple the amount the U.S. was exporting a decade ago.

The story of the shrinking U.S. trade deficit is essentially the story of the U.S. oil boom. The last time the U.S. came close to balancing out the trade deficit, at least in terms of its share of GDP, was just after a recession ended in 1991. To feed the broad expansion that followed, U.S. oil imports...


Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters,

The JLCNY has created another set of three letters for landowners to send to our elected and appointed officials to advocate for developing our Natural Gas here in New York. Please support this effort by reading on and sending the letters as soon as possible to help us make our message loud and clear.

The first letter is for Jeffery Cohen, Acting Secretary of the New York State Public Service Commission. We want to tell him why we support the Commission’s efforts to expand Natural Gas use in NY communities.

Please mail the Public Service Commission Support Letter to Mr. Cohen at the following address…

The Honorable Jeffrey C. Cohen, Acting Secretary
New York State Public Service Commission
Three Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12223-1350

Please download, print, sign, and mail the Public Service Commission Support letter only once per person sending the letter.

The second letter is for President Obama. We want to tell him why we support America's Federal efforts to expand Natural Gas development and use and to ask him to persuade Governor Obama to develop Natural Gas in New York.

Please mail the President Obama letter to President Obama at the following address…

Mr. Barack Obama, President of the United States of America
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500



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