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 By Jim Willis  Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News

Landowners in upstate New York have been treated like third-class citizens who are supposed to shut their mouths and pay their taxes while Andrew “Hamlet” Cuomo panders to city and suburban special interests. No more.

Yesterday, the 70,000 members of the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) finally launched their legal offensive against a recalcitrant governor and his two potted plants; the Commissioners of the Environmental Conservation and State Health Departments. It was the long-awaited D-Day for landowners.

D-Day for Landowners

D-Day will, of course, forever be associated with the first day of the World War II Allied Forces landing on the beaches of Normandy, France–June 6, 1944. We are in no way comparing the current action by the JLCNY with that momentous day which includedLandowners - JLCNY incredible sacrifices by brave American (and other country’s) troops. However, D-Day is also a generic military term that means the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated.



Natural gas was one of the big winners in President Obama's recent State of the Union address. The president noted that "America is closer to energy independence than we've been in decades." He went on to say that "one of the reasons why is natural gas – if extracted safely, it's the bridge fuel that can power our economy with less of the carbon pollution that causes climate change."

That said, without fracking the natural gas that is changing our nation for the good would still be stuck in rocks a mile or more below the surface. As the president said, when done safely, natural gas extraction is unleashing a powerful force for positive change on our economy. Seen in that light, here are three big reasons Americans should learn to love and not loathe fracking.

Plunging carbon footprint
U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from energy consumption are at the lowest level since 1994. Overall, carbon emissions from energy have fallen for five straight years. Natural gas, as the president pointed out, is having a direct impact as natural gas power generation is replacing dirtier coal power on a near 1-to-1 ratio.

In addition to a big reduction in carbon emissions, the overall carbon footprint of natural gas extraction is becoming smaller. Pad drilling enables an energy company like Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:


In Capital By Scott Waldman 5:00 a.m. | Feb. 18, 2014

ALBANY—U.S. energy secretary Ernest Moniz said Andrew Cuomo should consider the economic prosperity fracking has brought to Pennsylvania as he weighs a ban in New York.

Natural gas produced by fracking has boosted American industry by more than $100 billion and lowered CO2 emissions, Moniz said, in an interview with Capital.

“This new resource is of critical importance. If you look at Pennsylvania, it's amazing, in the Marcellus shale,” he said. “They have gone from a very, very minor contributor to the national natural gas production, to nearly 20 percent in a remarkably short period. And as we know, that has had enormous economic benefits for the state. Obviously, New York will presumably take that as one of the factors to be considered in its decision.”

Moniz acknowledged that high-volume hydraulic fracturing presents environmental challenges, but said it can also be done safely. Proper management of wells is important including minimizing water usage as well as recycling and the careful monitoring of surface water and flow back fluids.

Referring to a recent study that showed methane emissions of natural gas extraction were negating its environment benefits over other types of fossil fuels, he said there needs to greater focus on capturing methane.

Moniz recommended Cuomo follow a “science-based analysis”


Doug Mclinko: “You only have to look beyond the border of Bradford County to New York State to see where bad government policy hurts good people.”



BINGHAMTON –February 13, 2014

The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, on behalf of its 70,000 members, will file its lawsuit against New York State on February 14, 2014. Also included in the action are the Kark Family Trust, LADTM, LLC and Schaefer Timber & Stone, LLC, landowners whose properties were the subject of drilling permits but were unable to develop their minerals because of the State’s failure to complete the SGEIS after more than a half decade. The action seeks an Order:

(1)        Compelling the DEC to finalize the SGEIS;

(2)        Determining that the DEC referral of the SGEIS to DOH was arbitrary and capricious, an abuse of discretion and an improper delegation of the DEC’s SEQRA Lead Agency responsibilities;

(3)        Determining that Governor Cuomo is an Interested Agency for purposes of SEQRA review because of his direct intervention in the SGEIS process and ordering his records relative to the SGEIS process be opened for public scrutiny; and

(4)        Determining that Governor Cuomo is acting without jurisdiction by...


By Scott Waldman 10:09 a.m. | Feb. 12, 2014 in Capital 

New York State voters oppose fracking, 45 to 41 percent, in a Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday morning, while more than a third say Cuomo is "dragging his feet" on a decision.

Among voters upstate, where high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale could create jobs, 46 percent support fracking, compared to 45 percent who oppose it. Suburban voters also support drilling, by a 44 to 40 percent margin.

But New York City residents oppose fracking, 48 to 35 percent.

The overall opinion on drilling hasn't changed much over the past year, with Quinnipiac results fluctuating within just a couple of points since March 2013.

Cuomo has indefinitely postponed a decision on whether to lift a moratorium on drilling, and 35 percent of voters in the survey said he is “dragging his feet.” That number has risen 10 points since December of 2012, though it's down from a high of 39 percent, when Quinnipiac asked the question in November.

Just 23 percent think the governor is “carefully evaluating the issue.”

Upstate, the numbers are more stark, with 45 percent agreeing the governor is delaying the decision, and 24 percent who feel he is still evaluating.


Contact: Susan Oliver, JLCNY, 703-216-4078 or [email protected]


February 13, 2014 – BINGHAMTON, NY— The Joint Landowners Coalition of NY issued the following statement in response to the Quinnipiac University Poll released February 12, 2014.

The current Quinnipiac University Poll that includes two questions on natural gas development underscores an important dichotomy – that even though upstate voters are consistently in support of developing natural gas in their own region, the unsupportive views of respondents from NYC continue to disproportionately affect the rights of upstaters. The irony of course is that NYC has the cleanest air it has seen in 50 years – largely due to the increased use of natural gas to replace other heating fuels. This is the ultimate NIMBY sentiment and a prolongation of upstate views having no will in their own domain.

About The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York

The mission of The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) is to foster, promote, advance and protect the common interest of the people as it pertains to natural gas development though education and best environmental practices. JLCNY gathers and provides factual, objective information about safe and responsible natural gas development to landowners and community members.



FileFile size
Download this file (ny02122014_b1s5tv Quinnipiac Poll.pdf)ny02122014_b1s5tv Quinnipiac Poll.pdf361 Kb
Dear Friends, Coalition Leaders, Landowners, and Natural Gas Supporters,
As landowners in New York, we're generally envious of our neighbors to the south who are enjoying the benefits of Natural Gas production. We're working hard to restore our basic rights and enjoy the simple benefits that are being withheld from us so its easy for us to think that PA landowners are all set.
However, as the attached file makes clear, there are issues to resolve in PA! One important issue is that some less scrupulous gas companies are shorting landowners' royalty payments or withholding them completely! This is especially hurtful to working families and senior citizens. As a result PA landowners are starting to fight back in hopes of being paid fairly for the gas produced from under their land.
To show support for a PA bill seeking to protect landowners and hopefully put a stop to such practices PA landowners will have rally Friday, February 14, 2014, at 11:00 AM, on the Bradford County Courthouse steps in Towanda PA. I won't repeat the specifics of these matters, preferring instead to refer you to the file linked to below that spells out all the details very clearly.
What I will add is that ALL landowners, PA and NY need to stick together and work together. What befalls one of us will eventually befall the rest us. So we need to stand united...
FileFile size


Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters,

I always knew that Landowners and Natural Gas Supporters had the courage of thier convictions. But even I understimated just how strongly you want to realize the benefits of safe and responsible Natural Gas development in NY.

I never expected that the fundraising for our flagship strategy of suing NYS and Governor Cuomo would be as wildly supported as it has been. But just a moment ago, WE BLEW THROUGH OUR $18,000.00 GOAL IN FAR LESS THAN THE TWO WEEKS TIME LIMIT!!!!!! And I expect we'll climb even higher! Just this incredible achievement alone sends a huge message to Albany that you, the Landowners and Natural Gas Supporters, have had enough of your rights and opportunities being denied for the sake of political games. That alone is just as signifcant as the lawsuit itself!

And the credit belongs completely with you. The thanks are completely owed to you. YOU DID IT FASTER AND HIGHER THAN I EVER EXPECTED!

Thank you for your generous donations! They are greatly appreciated! But more important, thank you for showing me a unity and enthusiasm that those aligned against us will never be able to dismiss or defeat. That goes beyond that ability of words to describe.

Even though we reached our goal I still encourage anyone who has not yet controbuted to do so. The more we raise the more diligent our suit can be and the stronger our message of unity in support of our cause.

Please spread the word to all supporters. Donations can be made payable to "Landowner Defense Fund" and mailed to:

PO Box 2839
Binghamton, NY...


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