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By David Blackmon, Contributor in Forbes- Energy section  2/10/14

The oil and gas industry has been the subject a variety of fear-based attacks from anti-fossil fuel activist groups in recent years, and the last week has seen a new one arise.  An activist group out of Boston, Ceres CERE +2.16%, issued a report on February 5 that aims to raise fears among large investors in oil and gas companies that the companies whose stock they hold may have a hard time sourcing water for their hydraulic fracturing operations in the coming years.

Unlike most of the fright scenarios raised by conflict groups around hydraulic fracturing in recent years, the Ceres report at least contains some elements of truth, to wit:

  • Several of the large shale plays in Texas and around the country happen to be situated in areas that are in drought conditions and/or have historically been water poor regions;
  • Hydraulic Frac jobs use millions of gallons of water – between 4 and 5 million per well in the Eagle Ford region, for example;
  • Oil and gas operators often find...


Folks this a good story for the JLCNY site for two reasons; 1)  those with an anti gas bias would read this as a gas incident related to drilling for natural gas. It was not a gas drilling incident it was an incident related to the drilling of a well for geothermal heat that because of the geology, ran into a gas pocket.
2. We who are interested in gas development see it as a confirmation of what we have been saying all along. There is natural gas in the  layers of shale at ground water levels all over this general area. Flaming faucets are not necessarily caused by gas drilling, rather they happen because of naturally occurring gas in the same geologic layer as ground water. This is no big deal, it is controllable by treatment of the water before introducing it to the home, a technology used wherever and whenever there is natural gas in the geologic layers at water level.JLCpulse
Written by  Jennifer Micale  in 2/10/14

A drilling rig at the site of the new Owego Elementary School hit a pocket of natural gas Monday afternoon and caught fire, according to district officials.

Just before 2 p.m., the Owego Fire Department responded to a fire on the rig, which was drilling wells for OES’ geothermal heating system.

The drill rig hit a...


Dear Friends, Coalition Leaders, Landowners, and Natural Gas Supporters,

As I told you last week – the JLCNY plans to file its lawsuit on February 14, 2014! That's only ONE week away!!
Let me be perfectly clear that this is not some publicity stunt, scheme to make money for lawyers doing nothing, or gas industry charade. Like many of you I am a honorable landowner proud to be supporting Natural Gas development. I am working very hard as an unpaid volunteer in the JLCNY to help bring the benefits of NG development to our homes, communities, and state for the simple reason it is the best and most sensible path for NY to follow. Unlike some of our more vocal anti gas opposition leaders, I'm not playing games or calling others names to cover up a defunct ideology and factually bankrupt scheme to mislead people into thinking their land isn't worth leasing.
Its really just this simple...if our demand is not met, the JLCNY will take its Article 78 Petition to compel the State to complete the SGEIS and commence the action on February 14, 2014. We will make it returnable before the Court with the Norse Petition on March 7...


BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP — This is the first winter that natural gas has been an option to heat homes in Susquehanna County.

A company ran the first gas lines to homes near Montrose this fall.

Homeowners who were able to switch to natural gas are thrilled seeing the savings in this bitter cold winter.

Natural gas is fueling a new heater at Puzo’s Auto Shop near Montrose and Lane Puzo is thrilled about it.

We first met him last year, when he learned natural gas service was coming his way.

“Before when you were here, you asked if I was going to save money. I said ‘I sure as hell hope so.’ Well, I sure as hell am, let me tell you,” Puzo said.

Leatherstocking Natural Gas finished the first gas pipeline serving homes in Susquehanna County last fall.

Puzo’s garage is hooked up and as is his home across the street.

He says he’s already saved hundreds on heating.

“I was happy, very happy.  If they go that way now, we’ll be good.”

Leatherstocking Natural Gas tapped into Marcellus shale gas that’s already coming from here, and already passing through on a transmission line.

Homeowners around Montrose say it just makes sense.

“This is what I said in the beginning when they first came here is I don’t mind them being here, the only thing I was saying is ‘why don’t we get the gas?’”


A good read for anyone in New York State that believes the endless and totally worthless ads which proclaim NY is open for business. These ads are nothing but glitzy expensive re-election and presidential campaign ads. The facts are what really counts and NY is still sliding down hill rapidly in the middle of a national economic recovery, deeper into debt with less freedom than any other state in the union. New York is going to grow on upstate vacation spending, casinos and forgiveness of taxes for new business on University property. I have not researched it but would be willing to bet heavily that taxes are a very small portion of the actual costs of operating a manufacturing business. Oh wait we do not want or need manufacturing jobs, not here in this progressive and enlightened state. Never mind keep on dreaming. JLCpulse

By Michael Krancer  January 21, 2014 in Forbes

Investors and business people should read the 73-page Pennsylvania


The followers of the anti gas crew are like sheep to a slaughter following blindly and bleating loudly. We all understand that lies uttered in public forums are difficult and expensive to rebut and that tactic is the primary weapon of choice for the Park Foundation crony's who are also going to blindly to slaughter but with a pittance of extra $$$ in their pockets. Our quality of life, economic stability and forward momentum are all being affected by the blind rantings of these faux saviors.JLCpulse

February 6, 2014 1:15 pm By :

Newly released photos of a flaming water well have renewed skepticism of claims by environmental activists and federal regulators that hydraulic fracturing made drinking water supplies in Parker County, Texas, flammable.

The 2005 photos show that drinking water in the area contained sufficiently high methane concentrations to be ignited years before a company blamed by environmentalists for water contamination began drilling in the area.

The Environmental Protection Agency in December 2010 issued an endangerment order against Range Resources, saying the oil and gas company either caused or contributed to groundwater contamination in Parker County.

Independent analyses of the case contradicted the EPA’s claims, which the agency released in collaboration with environmental activists in...


(John Kemp is a Reuters market analyst. The views expressed are his own)

by John Kemp in Reuters

Feb 6 (Reuters) - For 25 years, U.S. specialists in international relations have been predicting water shortages will become a source of conflict.

But the real water wars are brewing at home, where farmers, environmentalists and the oil and gas industry are falling out over water supplies in the drought-stricken Southwest.

Hydraulic fracturing uses enormous quantities of water to shatter shale and other tight rock formations by pumping millions of gallons of water deep underground under intense pressure.

Most of the water employed in America's energy revolution is fresh water taken from the same aquifers used by farmers and homeowners to irrigate their fields and lawns, as well as for drinking and washing.

And many wells are being drilled in parts of the United States such as Texas and Colorado that are suffering from a prolonged drought, where the water table has been falling because water withdrawals have been exceeding the rate at which aquifers are recharged by rainfall.


"Hydraulic fracturing is largely taking place in regions already experiencing high competition for water," according to Ceres, an influential non-profit organisation focused on climate, water and sustainability issues that advises major institutional investors.

"Policymakers are increasingly recognising that regional economic reliance...


Julie Schmit, USA TODAY 6:23 p.m. EST February 5, 2014 

More than half of the U.S. oil and gas wells drilled using fracking technology since 2011 have been in drought-stricken areas.

The water-intensive process used to extract oil and gas from shale underground — known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking — has required almost 100 billion gallons of water to drill more than 39,000 oil and shale gas wells in the U.S. since 2011, says Ceres, a green investment group.

More than half of those wells — 55% — were in drought-stricken areas, and nearly half were in regions under high or extremely high water stress, such as Texas, the report says.

To be in extremely high water stress...


Originally published: February 2, 2014 6:26 PM in Long Island Newsday  Updated: February 2, 2014 9:55 PM
By MICHAEL GORMLEY  [email protected]

ALBANY -- Republicans are seizing upon what they see as a vulnerability of Democratic Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo by spinning his long-delayed decision on drilling for natural gas into a major leadership flaw.

"It's a major issue and the governor has punted for political reasons," said Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, who is considering a Republican run against Cuomo. "That's not what a leader does."

Cuomo has delayed for more than three years a decision on whether to allow hydraulic fracturing for gas trapped in a vast upstate shale deposit. Supporters say drilling will safely bring jobs, but environmentalists and liberal Democrats in Cuomo's base say drilling threatens the environment and drinking water.

Astorino says benefits of fracking range from upstate drilling and manufacturing jobs to reducing the latest spike in heating fuel costs in the suburbs, while generating revenue to lower taxes.

"There's so much potential that New York has and it's just incredible to think that we are going down the tubes," another potential GOP candidate, developer Donald Trump, told WGDJ-AM in Albany last week.

State Republican chairman Ed Cox has said Cuomo is "dithering."

That's a sharp jab at Cuomo, who has sought to build a national reputation as a decisive leader who made Albany function again, potentially setting up a 2016 run for president. Republicans...


This is what NY landowners have been saying since the beginning, WE ARE THE Environmentalists! We live on our land, pay taxes and care about both taxes and the ability to sustain our life style. The antis are caught up in a foolish dream.JLCpulse

While renewables subsidies have punished Europe, shale gas has cut U.S. emissions.


By  Robert Bryce    Feb. 3, 2014 Wall Street Journal Opinion Section

For years, greens and many on the political left have insisted that widespread adoption of renewable energy will create jobs and stimulate the economy. An example: In September 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama claimed at a speech in Golden, Colo., that his planned investments in "green" energy would create "five million new jobs that pay well and can't ever be outsourced."

It was all bunk.

Proof came last month when both the


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