JLCNY to File Lawsuit

Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters,This is an urgent request for your help – the JLCNY plans to file its lawsuit on February 14, 2014!The JLCNY's Article 78 Petition to compel the State to complete the SGEIS is almost ready to be filed. We plan to commence the action on February 14, 2014 making it returnable before the Court with the Norse Petition on March 7, 2014.However, before we file, we need to raise an additional $18,000.Our friends and supporters have done an amazing job pushing this effort forward with donations, scrap metal drives, coalition phone banks, etc. We are only $18,000 away from making this happen.Your donations allowed us to prepare our action against the State. Our complaint was announced on November 11, 2013. On November 13 we were contacted by William Perry Pendley, Esq., president of Mountain States Legal Foundation. http://www.mountainstateslegal.org/ Mr. Pendley and the Foundation want to help!The MSLF mission is to provide high-quality, effective legal representation for those who share its commitment to fight for the right to own and use property, limited and ethical government, individual liberty, and the free enterprise system. During the Reagan Administration, William Perry Pendley served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy and Minerals of the Department of Interior, where he authored President Reagan's National Minerals Policy. MSLF attorneys have argued before the United States Supreme Court with a recent appearance by MSLF Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Steven J. Lechner on January 16, 2014.MSLF has committed its resources to help the JLCNY protect landowner rights in New York. JLCNY's attorneys, Levene Gouldin & Thompson will serve as local...

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Now is the Time to Sue

Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters, If there was ever any doubt that landowners need to sue Governor Cuomo and New York State to develop Natural Gas in NY, DEC Commissioner Martens's recent statements that no permits will be issued until at least well into 2015 make it perfectly clear that NOW IS THE TIME TO SUE! Therefore, we will be sending a "Demand Letter" to Commissioner Martens on Friday January 31, 2014. We'll also be issuing a "MSLF JLCNY Demand SGEIS"...
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Colo. Health Department Disavows Activists’ Favorite Fracking Researchers

Posted by: Simon Lomax     Research Director // Denver, Colorado  1/30/14 in Energy in DepthState public health officials in Colorado have publicly disavowed the latest paper from a team of researchers whose work is routinely cited by political activist groups that want to ban hydraulic fracturing. In fact, the public could “easily be misled” by the research team’s latest work, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) said in a statement to the media. The team...

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State confirms that no permits for natural gas drilling will be issued in 2014

IT is time to be angry and make it known. This is an outrage and cannot stand in a country where law governs. Politics cannot dictate our future!! JLCpulse Joe Martens, State Environmental Conservation Commissioner, has told legislators on Wednesday that there are no plans to issue drilling permits for natural gas in New York to any companies.By Glenn Blain / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS   Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 7:25 PMALBANY — If the state allows the controversial natural gas drilling...

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JLCNY rep "outraged" over fracking decision

By Perry Russom and Conor Mooney in WBNG Channel 12(WBNG Binghamton) The attorney of the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York said he is outraged after hearing New York's Environmental Conservation Commissioner say it's extremely unlikely New York will issue permits for hydraulic fracturing within the next fiscal year.Scott Kurkoski is attorney of the JLCNY. He said that decision is a sign of Governor Cuomo dragging his feet on fracking."The governor is not showing leadership on one...

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Cornell Nat. Gas Debate Worth Attending

Dear Friends, Coalition Leaders, Landowners, and Natural Gas Supporters,Here is another event that promises to be educational and worth attending to show your support for your rights to develop your Natural Gas safely and responsibly.Here are the details...What: Fracking II: Should we lift the ban?When: Tuesday, February 4, 2014, 4:30 (It is suggested to be there at 4:00 to secure a place in line so you can be assured entry.)Where: Cornell University, Ives 305, Ithaca, NY For More...

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Fracking Boom Keeps Home Heating Bills in Check

Prices of Natural Gas Avoid Volatility of Past WintersBy Russell Gold     Jan. 28, 2014 6:42 p.m.  In the Wall Street Journal Business Section  Freezing temperatures are creating near-record demand for natural gas in the U.S. as shivering Americans turn up the heat and plug in their electric blankets.Natural-gas prices have jumped in response, topping $5 per million British thermal units for the first time since 2010 as fuel has been pulled from underground storage vaults to keep furnaces...

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Obama's `All-The-Above' Energy Push Becomes A Strategy Of One

I am always amazed at the shortsightedness of the environmental extremists with regard to gas , the president called it a bridge, we agree. No one has ever denied the potential benefits of solar or wind derived energy, although wind sure is a serious polluter of space and our environment. If all the money spent trying to slay the golden goose were spent on finding wise and safe ways of using the gift of significant gas reserves, we would be way ahead of where we are. A strong headwind has...

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MSC Statement on President Obama's State of the Union Address

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) president Dave Spigelmyer issued this statement following President Obama’s State of the Union Address:“Tonight, President Obama once again underscored the critical and increasing role that America’s abundant, clean-burning natural gas resources continue to play in boosting our economy and growing jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector. At the same time, and as the President and his Administration have stated, the clear environmental...

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Home-rule hooey

By The Post Editorial Board 1/28/2014Let’s see if we’ve got this straight.When two state senators put forward a bill that would require a town’s clear approval — e.g., by a law or referendum — before a new casino is sited there, the governor’s spokeswoman denounces it as “politicizing the [site-]selection process.”But when the industry is natural gas and the issue is hydraulic fracking, somehow home rule is more acceptable. Here the governor remains silent as anti-fracking activists...

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Opinion: Shale helping boost Pa. recovery

Very enlightening, it is excellent articles like this that make one wonder if our governor pays any attention to facts and the lives of upstate New York residents and TAXpayers. We can see the flames of success but cannot experience the warmth. JLCpulseMike Butler in Philly.comPosted: Monday, January 27, 2014, 1:08 AM Make no mistake, the past few years have been difficult for Pennsylvanians looking to find well-paying jobs. Our state's unemployment rate has been stuck above 7 percent...

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The Weekly Oil & Gas Follies

Compilation found in Forbes, Energy 1/26/2014The Weekly Oil and Gas Follies – Volume 30, January 27, 2014 In which we drill down into the @GDBlackmon Twitter feed to briefly chronicle the week’s silliness, shenanigans, fake news and real news related to the oil and natural gas industry. We’ll start with an offering from our Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Gas Pump file:  Fracking Protesters Glue Themselves to Wrong Gas Station – Missed it by that much.  That’s how the six...

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The Heat is on

The New York Post Editorial Board,  in The New York Post 1/26/2014New York must be running out of room: Only days after Gov. Cuomo said there’s “no place in the state” for “extreme conservatives,” Mayor de Blasio said he doesn’t “see any place for fracking.”De Blasio seems to be on the wrong side of history here, particularly in his own city. That’s because more and more New Yorkers are heating with natural gas — which can be supplied via fracking.Nearly 1,300 owners of large city...

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Event for NG Supporters to Attend

Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters, Here is a unique event to attend...     Event: "Defend It" Debate    Date: Monday, February 24, 2014    Time: 7:00 PM    Location: Chamber Hall, Binghamton University, Vestal, NY    Description: See Attached File Below     I hope a lot of supporters can attend this and enjoy it. It should be educational and very interesting. Warm...
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Shah on crucial fracking study

We can only hope and pray that if he waits long enough his fearless leader will be out of office and Shah will be out of a job. Who would have thought that two (DOH and DEC) very esteemed state regulatory agency's would be headed by do nothing political yes boys. They have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars leading their agency's in circles while tearing the guts out of their staffs professionalism. It is likely that like every other thing our governor does what will be left is nothing but a...

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Make a Fracking Decision

By The Editors of The NewYork Observer 1/21/2014Last May, Governor Andrew Cuomo promised that he would make a decision on whether to allow fracking in New York by the beginning of 2014.A quick check of the calendar suggests that the governor‘s long-awaited decision has passed its due date.Mr. Cuomo’s decision is expected any minute now (although we’ve heard that one before). And with any luck, he’ll put aside the posturing and protests of fracking opponents and put his administration on...

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The Fracking Lobby Lie

Posted on January 21, 2014 by Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone Shepstone Management Company, Inc. It’s that time of year again, when fracking opponents pay Common Cause to put out a report minimizing their own lobbying activities and wailing about the those of the oil and gas industry. Several times a year, with more regularity than Halley’s Comet, a strikingly similar headline appears in the pages of New York news media about how the oil and gas lobby has outspent fracking...

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Poll To Vote In and Then Pass Along

Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters,Here is a chance for you to have your voice heard and silence that of the anti-gas activists. A local media outlet has posted a poll on their website. Here is the link...http://www.mytwintiers.com/homeThe poll is on the left side of the page, second screen down. Please vote and then forward this along to other supporters so they can do the same. This poll is free and does not ask for any personal information.Warm Regards,Dan Fitzsimmons...

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21 Top Scientists Praise Gov. Jerry Brown’s New Fracking Rules

(CNSNews.com) – Twenty-one scientists sent a letter this month to Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown praising the use of fracking in California by oil companies and the new regulations on the procedure put in place that, they believe, will allow for a safe way to develop the “extraordinary” potential of the state’s shale oil reserves, improve the economy, create jobs, and reduce dependence on foreign oil.Jerry Brown is a long-time liberal Democrat and the California State Legislature, Senate...

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Second Slottje Shutout in Sidney

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Tom Shepstone in Naturalgasnow.orgAnother Slottje drafted natural gas moratorium has bit the dust, this one in Sidney, New York, where Judge Lambert just ruled landowners have rights after all.David and Helen Slottje, the dollar story lawyers from Ithaca, are perhaps two of the most arrogant individuals out there among the natural gas opposition. They have been shilling for the Park Foundation over the past two years in their special interest campaign to...

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Finally some sanity and wisdom from the City of Binghamton

Anyone paying attention to Binghamtons past mayor was aware that his mission was personal gain in the form of a job working for the anti job crew in Ithaca. The city spent thousands of dollars on specious missions designed to build up emotions while doing absolutely nothing to forward the interests of city residents. You will recall he was thrown out of Dimmock when wasting their time and energy on his personal agenda. Anyone who understands the issues of drilling in New York State knows it...
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Health Studies Favor Fracking Over Medical Marijuana But is Albany Concerned or Complacent?

By James T. Mulder | \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in Syracuse Online 1/9/2014Cannabis smoke contains many of the same cancer causing substances (carcinogens) as tobacco - at least 50 of them. Many people who smoke cannabis smoke tobacco cigarettes and drink alcohol too. Research evidence suggests that the combination of smoking tobacco, using cannabis and drinking alcohol can increase your risk of developing a cancer...

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