This is no joke. It’s not an “Onion” piece where we’re trying to fool you. In June the New York State legislature passed a horrific “energy” bill that was later signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (see New York Pulls the Trigger, Commits Energy Suicide with New Law). The new law limits carbon dioxide emissions to zero (an impossibility) by 2050. Everyone is now waking up and saying, “Oh crap, what did we just do?” You see, almost everyone in the state uses either fuel oil, natural gas or propane to heat their homes during our exceptionally cold winters. That’s all gone by 2050–no more burning fossil fuels to heat your home. Welcome to the USSR of NY.

Again, we’re not making this up! This is what state officials are saying–not too loud so New Yorkers won’t wake up all at once and realize it. But it is being said–that fossil fuels heating our homes is out in the next couple of decades:

Natural gas utilities, which provide heat to about 60 percent of New York’s homes, are facing an existential crisis as the state seeks dramatic emissions reductions requiring transformative change in the consumption of a fuel once hailed as a cleaner and cheaper alternative to oil, propane and kerosene. Natural gas usage in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors — excluding what’s used at power plants — accounted for roughly 22 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in 2015, according to data from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. To meet the state’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050, as called for in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, those emissions must be eliminated. Burning gas to heat homes is unlikely to qualify for offsets, given the availability of alternatives such as geothermal or air-source heat pumps that rely on electricity. That reality poses risks and opportunities for the state’s major gas utilities. What’s more, it requires a major reframing of the state’s policy on natural gas, which currently promotes expanded gas infrastructure. (1)

From Cuomo’s former DEC lackey, Joe Martens:

Many environmental advocates were elated to see the Legislature pass a historic, sweeping climate measure last month after years of inaction. But they also know that there’s a long path ahead to implement New York’s new goals for net zero emissions by 2050. “It’s daunting in a way,” said Joe Martens, a former commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation, which will play a crucial role in implementing the emissions cuts. He’s currently head of the New York Offshore Wind Alliance. “It is going to affect every aspect of New Yorkers’ lives — and if it’s implemented successfully the hope is it gets replicated elsewhere,” he said. Heating fuels will have to be virtually eliminated and replaced with electric heat pumps or other non-emitting technology. Diesel trucks and gas cars that the state can control must be phased out. Manufacturers of copper, steel, cement, pulp and aluminum will face higher energy costs and have to find ways to lower emissions or offset them. Renewable energy projects must be built at a pace not yet seen in New York to achieve a 70 percent renewable electricity target by 2030 and eliminate all power-sector emissions by 2040. (2)

We wonder when our fellow New Yorkers will wake up and realize they are so screwed. The real question is, will anyone actually be left in the state by 2050? Our guess is no, IF this idiotic law is not repealed.

(1) POLITICO New York Energy (Jul 31, 2019) – Gas utilities grapple with climate goals

(2) POLITICO New York Energy (Jul 8, 2019) – Climate implementation path

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