As was reported earlier this week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo intends to take full advantage of a far-left, Democrat-controlled state legislature, in order to pass a permanent (for all time) ban on fracking (see NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Wants to Make Frack Ban Permanent). New York’s largest landowner rights group, the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, has just issued a statement warning Cuomo not to pass such a ban.


Here’s the statement MDN received yesterday:

The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York issued the following press release in response to Governor Cuomo’s proposed permanent ban on hydraulic fracturing:

Dan Fitzsimmons, President of the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York said:

It would be unwise for Governor Cuomo to hamstring future administrations that will be called upon to make energy decisions for New York. It is impossible to predict the long term energy future of this State, changing energy needs and emerging technologies. There will be innovations in energy that have not yet been imagined. New York should take appropriate actions to promote clean air and clean water through all available technologies and resources. But, it would be a mistake to limit our future energy options with a permanent ban on hydraulic fracturing.

We must ensure that our State and Nation’s electricity is affordable, reliable, safe, secure and clean and that it can be produced from all domestic sources, including renewable sources. Governor Cuomo, please do not jeopardize our long term energy future.

About The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York

The mission of The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) is to foster, promote, advance and protect the common interest of the people as it pertains to natural gas development though education and best environmental practices. JLCNY gathers and provides factual, objective information about safe and responsible natural gas development to landowners and community members.*

We know Dan Fitzsimmons–a great guy. He makes a common-sense point–that you can’t tie the hands of all future generations because of your own twisted views today. But that’s *exactly* what Cuomo wants and intends to do.

Cuomo knows he won’t be the dictator of NY forever. Someday there will be a Republican governor who can unilaterally lift the frack ban in the same way Cuomo unilaterally imposed it. That is, unless there’s a law on the books that no future legislature will ever be able to overturn. That’s Cuomo’s point. That’s how dictators behave–like dictators!

Dictators like Cuomo don’t think rationally or clearly. Again, Dan makes a great point: Who knows what future technologies will roll around? What if there is a way to extract natural gas, and burn it, without letting a single molecule of methane escape into the atmosphere and with zero carbon dioxide emissions? What then? In that case, you’ve eliminated the very reasons Cuomo and his Big Green puppetmasters spew for opposing natural gas and banning fracking.

We’ve always maintained the anti-frackers do not engage in a rational debate, but in an irrational, power-hungry, political debate.

As Dan says, if a frack ban passes, it jeopardizes NY’s energy future.

*Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (email received Jan 23, 2020) – Subject: JLCNY Opposes Permanent Hydraulic Fracturing Ban in New York

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