Dear Friend:
I held a press conference yesterday in front of the West End Armory challenging Tenney's failure to debate and running from her "F" rating with Conservatives. 
There were seven debates in the 2016 primary and all hosts have expressed interest in hosting debates again.  Debates are a basic courtesy to the voters.
Check out the video of the press conference by clicking here:
The military background for the event was important because of Tenney's votes that have outraged active duty service members, veterans and taxpayers.
Tenney was one of the only Republicans to vote with the radical left in favor of transgender military surgeries.  
Tenney also joined a climate change caucus with the far left and voted to make the Department of Defense study climate change.
Tenney's outrageous votes and her failure to debate after two years in office of facing constant criticism for failing to do town halls and meet with people is simply unacceptable. 
In the video Tenney refused to even respond to the reporter's questions about debates and her voting record --- only citing support from President Trump.
Given that she was a former Member of Congress who President Trump and his family campaigned vigorously for to try to save a district the President won by 15 points, it might seem obvious that he would lend his support as a courtesy again to someone he knew and tried to help.
But Tenney still lost a big Republican district in 2018 in a race where Republican candidate for Governor Marc Molinaro beat Andrew Cuomo by 20 points in the same district.   
I have knocked on 10,000 doors and laid out a bold "Freedom Agenda" of what I will fight for in Congress. 
I am the only conservative candidate in this race and the only candidate who can beat Democrat Anthony Brindisi in the fall. 
Please call Tenney out on her lack of respect for voters in not debating by talking to friends, writing letters to the editor, making posts on social media, signing up for yard signs, volunteering and supporting our campaign. 
Thank you for your consideration. 
George Phillips
Candidate for Congress 
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