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Letter to the governor

Dear Governor Cuomo:
Thank you for providing a summary of your accomplishments in your first 24 months of office.
As a native New Yorker and 50+ year resident of the State of New York, I commend your accomplishments in your first 24 months.  No doubt we are on a good track.
However, I must point out one issue which has not been resolved or for that matter even commented on in your report.  That being establishing a long term policy and ruling on natural gas exploration in the State of New York.  As a resident of the Southern Tier of NY I have personally witnessed the prosperity of communities, citizens, and businesses in nearby Pennsylvania have realized as a result of natural gas exploration and in particular the shale gas opportunity.
In 2008 your predecessor implemented a moratorium on horizontal drilling, and hydrofracking technology.  Since then the NYSDEC has undertaken over 4 years of studies, public comments and research.  They have drafted rules, followed processes and allowed for public hearing and comments and now been granted an additional 90 day period before releasing what will hopefully be a final proposal and policy which you will adopt and support.
I wholeheartedly agree that this process is absolutely necessary, and should not be rushed or taken lightly.
There are public health and safety considerations which are every bit as important as the potential economic impact that this industry offers to the citizens, communities and businesses either currently here in NY or potentially interested in pursuing the opportunity natural gas exploration offers to NYS.
Given the time frame which has taken place, the resources dedicated to its study, and the opportunity for public comment it is now more than appropriate for you to at the least set a time line for adopting a final ruling and public policy on this issue.
The economic impact of moving forward with a ruling would be considerable to a significant number of citizens, landowners, residents and job seekers in nearly all of the Southern Tier of New York.  Natural Gas is an energy solution which is not short term and cleaner than many of our current options.  The economic impact of reliable, efficient, affordable energy solutions to businesses either currently or considering New York as an option are significant and important.
PLEASE put this on your agenda and promise to move this issue forward in 2013!!
Thanks for your hard work and best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to you and all of our citizens and stakeholders.
Steven G. Loomis

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